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Bienvenidos a mi blog. Con esta herramienta pretendo el facilitar a las familias y alumnos recursos para poder repasar conceptos y actividades que realicemos tanto en nuestras clases bilingües como otros materiales e ideas que resulten de interés en otras materias. Además podréis disfrutar de fotos y vídeos que vayamos colgando. Espero que resulte útil y que nos resulte práctico.

jueves, abril 04, 2019

"Cave Painting" in Class 3

We love linking Science and Arts!!! In this third term we are learning about "Prehistory" so in Arts we are making "Cave Painting". So, as people did in the past we have used natural elements to paint and draw different animals and symbols.

First, we have used charcoal to do the outline of our drawing. Then, children have made some paints using natural elements (soils, eggs, milk, beetroots, pimentón dulce...). Finally, we have used our hands or feathers to paint the drawings.

After a while, our drawings got dry so it was time to crumple the paper and stick it on the cave walls. 

miércoles, marzo 20, 2019

Some WAGOLL Animal Presentations

During this 2nd term Class 3 has studied the vertebrates. Each of them chose a vertebrate animal to design a poster and then to talk about them. To do this, in our Natural Science sessions we planned how are posters should be and what information should be included in our presentations. Here you can see some wagoll examples.

lunes, febrero 04, 2019

Coastal Landscape- oral Skills

Maria is explaining the natural and man made elements she has used to do her drawing of a Coastal Landscape.

ESCAPE ROOM in Class 3


Interesting and funny activity to review contents of landscapes. They have enjoyed a lot solving a series of puzzles and riddles using clues and secret codes. Strategy is needed to complete the objectives. They have worked collaboratively in groups of 4.